Canadian Harambee Education Society
Giving girls the chance to educate themselves

Don't let a bright girl's ambitions end at grade 8.

  • Girls in Kenya and Tanzania can't go to high school if they have no funds for fees.
  • CHES finds scholarship funds for female students who meet scholastic standards.

Why girls?

  • Girls usually lose in the competition for scarce family resources.
    School fees are more than the total annual income of poor rural families.
  • Families often choose only to help their sons.

Help us help them!

  • You can help a student by becoming a donor, sponsor or agent. At least 95% of your scholarship donation goes to support the CHES girl's education.
  • While CHES is based in Canada, we accept support from anyone, anywhere! A donation of any amount is much appreciated and helps with the many expenses of our frugal organization.