Board of Directors

Our Canadian Board of Directors is made up entirely of volunteers; board members receive no compensation.

Babiuk, Orrie – Secretary

Dracek, Dwight – Member at Large

Ford, Beverly – Agents

Harker, Chris – Fundraising

Harker, Catriona – Fundraising

Horan, Wendy – Member at Large

Kilbride, Karen – Member at Large

Klepic, Mandy – Member at Large

Mann, Nancy – Treasurer

Mukirazi, Rowena – Accountant

Okunyanyi, Sarah – CHES Grad and Accountant

Polard, Maureen – Member at Large

Ruffeski, Joy – Executive Director

Taylor, Robb – Member at Large

Taylor, Jeanette – Member at Large

Williams, Lorrie – President and Founder