Louise Paulsen

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news that Louise Paulsen died on May 6. Since the early days of CHES, Louise had been a Director, taking on the onerous task of Treasurer and Student/Sponsor Coordinator. In late April, Louise had brain surgery for a cancerous tumor. For a short period, she appeared on the road to recovery but, sadly, this didn’t last.

CHES survives and succeeds thanks to the generosity of our donors and to the volunteers who contribute so much time and effort to our NGO. First and foremost of these was Louise. Although there are many tasks that need to be done, the most important and time consuming are “the books” and the matching of student and sponsor. For many years now, Louise, with the help of Julia and other directors, worked tirelessly on these tasks.

At CHES we pass on our love and special condolences to the family she left behind. There is some comfort to all of us that she was recently celebrated on the occasion of her 80th Birthday. Louise’s legacy is in the thousands of Kenyan and Tanzanian girls who have been touched by and benefited from her hard work, love, and dedication. She will be sorely missed.

In Memoriam