Sarah Martha
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As posted on Facebook, former CHES student and head of the alumni group CHEBAK graduated from university on December 19th, 2018 in tourism with honours. Congratulations to Sarah Martha. We are all proud of you.

In her own words:

“I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my Graduation that will take place on the 19th of December, 2018 at the Technical University of Mombasa. Join me as I celebrate my first undergraduate degree in Tourism Management that I started way back in 2013. I dedicate all this success to CHES because were it not for CHES I wouldn’t have stepped foot in the university. I remember way back in 2012 I was just volunteering at the CHES office after failing to raise enough funds to join college and feeling like a big let down to my dreams and goals, then came a CHES agent (I call her MOM COLLEEN G.); it was her first time in Africa, so she requested me to be her assistant and show her around while helping with office work at CHES. She ended up changing my life when she offered to give me a scholarship to university. This has been my biggest motivation to give back to CHES for the great things I have received since 2008 when I arrived for my high school scholarship interview. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

And this is not just my story, but a story of more than 1852 other beautiful girls that have been sponsored by CHES. I can write a book about how grateful I am to CHES but today this was just meant to be a humbled invitation to celebrate OUR SUCCESS.

Secondly, as our norm I would also like to invite you to our 5th CHES ALUMNI AGM scheduled for the 26th December 2018 at LOGMMA HOTEL a few meetings to the new CHES office. This is usually an annual forum that brings together for CHES Beneficiaries. We use this platform to reunite, network, share our success stories and even come up with projects to aid in our effort to give back our society. So far we’ve done projects such as PADS FOR GIRLS INITIATIVE, students mentorship programs, charity events for children homes, purchasing school shopping for CHES girls and currently sponsoring one of our very first girl (Miriam Oloo, in Mukumu girls high school) through CHES. All this has been achieved by the girls through a span of 5 years with the great aid of local FUNDRAISING among ourselves. So on this particular day we will also be fundraising to raise her school fees and shopping for new year. Over the years we’re always honored to have the current CHES agents join us. You are hereby most welcomed.

Finally I want to sincerely thank the CHES Canada fraternity for everything you have done for us selflessly. We will forever be indebted. We highly acknowledged the generous support we’ve received and look forward to continue working together to fulfill the CHES goals.”

Kind regards, SARAH MARTHA A.

Sarah Martha; An Inspiring CHES Success Story