Although CHES had been in their new home in Kakamega for several months, the official opening wasn’t held until May 28 when Executive Director Joy Ruffeski visited from Canada. The rain that started in the early afternoon didn’t dampen the spirit of anticipation of the invited guests: Kenyan board members, office manager, askaris, the house cleaner, the contractor, and the builder. Finally it was time for the festivities to begin and suddenly the skies cleared.

Everyone gathered outside and burst into song as they travelled the walkway up to the entrance. The ribbon was cut and the doors flung open. Singing and dancing started again as all proceeded into the office area where they finally settled into chairs as short speeches were made by officials attending. All attendees expressed joy at finally owning our own home in Kenya and were most thankful for the work of CHES in helping so many individuals over the past 32 years. They were assured that this wonderful legacy will continue. A celebratory meal was followed by the cutting of a cake to finish off the evening.

The money that will be saved by no longer paying rent will be put into scholarships for many more girls. What a wonderful legacy for Ginny Golding’s “One Swing at a Time” effort that started this project several years ago.

The Official Opening of Our Kenyan Home