We have learned to our delight that NAOMI SAULO, our mainstay volunteer treasurer in Tanzania has acquired a visa to visit Canada, has bought her ticket, and will be here to visit in September, 2018.

It has not been easy for this to happen. For the last several years, many CHES Board members who visited Katesh have expressed a wish for Naomi to visit Canada. To our delight she told us last year that the time was right and she could afford to come.

However Canada does not make it easy and denies travel visas for approximately 80% of sub-Saharan applicants. This occurred when she applied last year. When she again applied in April this year, there was no response until mid-August when we had all given up hope. Then suddenly, her visa was issued.

Naomi will arrive in Vancouver on September 4th, attend the CHES AGM on September 8th and then spend a number of days each in Victoria, Kamloops, Lumsden, SK and Saskatoon before heading home on September 30th.

Throughout her stay, all food, accommodation and travel costs will be covered by Canadian hosts all of whom have enjoyed Naomi’s friendship and hospitality when in Tanzania.

Volunteer Treasurer, Naomi Saulo

Visitor from Tanzania in September