Thanks to a couple of VERY generous donations a couple of years ago, we have been able to purchase a plot of land in Kakamega, Kenya and over the last 8 months, have been able to construct a wall, guard house and combined CHES House and Office. A smaller version of what we have in Katesh.

We moved into the complex in April, 2017. We are delighted and excited as we will save the rental costs we have been paying for years and years.

Phase 1: was the wall and guard shelter

Phase 2: was the House and Office.

Phase 3: we were not able to immediately add a proposed SAFE HOUSE as we had run out of money.  We felt we needed it for three reasons:

a) Girls who come into town from afar as required by CHES and cannot get home the same day will have a place to overnight safely. Local Hotels and Guest Houses are not always safe places for a young, unsupervised girl. There are also girls who, on rare occasions, may feel that even going home, may not be in their best interests. The same haven will be available for them.

b) We sometimes hire CHES grads to work in our office during peak periods (selection of girls or during workshops). We cannot afford to pay them much and if they live some distance away, their modest payment is eaten up by transport (taxi) costs. Hence they can stay in the Safe House at no cost while so employed.

c) We generally have a Canadian Agent living in Kakamega. There is Agent accommodation in the main CHES House/Office. On rare occasions or during switch-over periods when agents overlap each other, accommodation is required for the second agent.

The cost of construction was estimated to be $29,000. A remarkable donation of $15,000 got us started and other donations large and small enabled us to begin construction in the Spring of 2017.  It opened for use in November, 2017.

Our deepest thanks to all those who made this happen.

We Have Built a Safe House