In late November 2019, 196 CHES students gathered at the Kakamega Multipurpose Development Training Institute for what is developing into an annual event. At this, life skills, rather than purely academic skills, are the focus of the three-day event.

A staff of 28–many of them CHES grads–were on hand to provide helpful advice, knowledge and support to our students. Some of the topics presented included Reproductive Health and Hygiene, Assertiveness, Critical Thinking, Youth and Technology, Self Esteem, Study Skills, Career Options, and Smart Transition to Adulthood. These are the building blocks that help to develop confidence, resourcefulness and maturity.

The CHES students attend 10 different schools in and around Kakamega so this is one of the rare occasions when our girls all get together. The socializing leads to the establishing of firm friendships, many of which, based on past experience, last well into adulthood. CHES agents Larry and Linda Huber reported that on many occasions the huge and positive impact of CHES Canada on the education of Kenyan young women was acknowledged by not only the Board and Chair, but also by facilitators and the current students. Often this appreciation was rendered through song and poetry.

CHES Kenya – Life Skills Workshop